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Kenwwod TH-D72A Radio Clues


Need basic APRS clues? Check www.aprs.org

    (APRS Spec 1.1 Addendum. Tracking via FINDU. Live iGates Stats page.)

    (APRS.fi is also a great tracking site, and they have a MOBILE version if you check via smartphone!)

    (APRS.net has a wiki, with useful info about paths, Regional Info (NorCal) and special ToCall codes)

    (Bob Bruniga's pages about packet etiquette... having Digis send local info... and D710 set-up )

    (There are Yahoo Group (must be a member to read posts) for ca-aprs and Kenwood_TH-D72 )

    (ARES Clues:  There is a Yahoo Group for Linux RMS for WinLink 2000 users, Santa Clara Co freqs)

    (Configuring D700 as a Digi (does this apply to D72A as well?) )






Is anyone working with the Arduino, to make an APRS portable weather observer?

(I'm working with I2C-based sensors, including a Lightning Detector, but still need wind speed/direction. REALLY Sensitive!)

(Now, to find out how to create a data stream that's APRS-WX-compliant...)


As of AUG 2018, you can find the Kenwood HAM downloads page here...



If you want an inexpensive, lightweight backup mag-mount antenna (great for backpacking, too!), try the MFJ-1722S



Have you upgraded your D72A firmware lately? They are up to 1.08.

  Get the Virtual COM Port driver:  http://www.kenwood.com/jp/products/amateur/pdf/CP210x_Windows_Drivers.zip

  Get the V1.08 firmware:  http://www.kenwood.com/i/products/info/amateur/th_d72/files/TH-D72_Main_V108E.zip 

  Get the MCP-4a software:  http://www.kenwood.com/i/products/info/amateur/download/M4A104.zip 

  Get the In-Depth Manual:  http://www.kenwood.com/i/products/info/amateur/pdf/TH-D74AE_IDM.pdf 


Have a D710-G? Use these links...

  Operations Panel (aka Control Head, Display) firmware: http://www.kenwood.com/i/products/info/amateur/image/TM-D710G_OpPanel_V102E.zip 

  MCP-6 software:  http://www.kenwood.com/i/products/info/amateur/image/M6A102.zip 

  Get the In-Depth Manual:  http://www.kenwood.com/i/products/info/amateur/pdf/TM-D710A_E_GA_GE_IDM.pdf 




This is my new mobile station, N6UOW-1.  --------------------->

- Kenwood Th-D72A, Mirage BD-35 amplifier

- Comet RS720 trunk-lip mount, Diamond NMO-mount with thin coax)

- Diamond C213SNMO is the replacement, when I broke the NMO connector on the Comet with a low Garage Door.

- Larsen NMO-2/70C antenna

- TRAM model 1290 NMO Rain Cap, for washing the car.


    What we've learned so far...  RF and DC Power, 9600 Operation,

    (SF Bay Area folks? De Anza Ham Flea Market )

    Our TH-D72A Best Practices page

    Our SF Bay Area 9600-bps APRS Experiment Page

    Using APRSLink for accessing WinLink 2000

    APRSISCE, by Lynn, KJ4ERJ


Kenwood Links

info on MODS.DK (requires mods.dk free or paid membership):


 AvMap GeoSat 6 APRS Links





TH-D72A accessories


TH-D72A parts at Hamcity
5563 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite D
Culver City, CA 90230
Email: sales@hamcity.com
Phone: 310.390.8003
Fax: 310.390.4393

TAPR Links


APRS links


AvMap info

  • GeoSat6 Info
  • Gigaparts seemed to have the best price on Cyber Monday, but they didn't have the Kenwood Cable.


Working Ham Satellites


If you would like to add something to this wiki, send a note about the change to th-d72a at jeffk dot com


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